Unexpected Benefits of Gospel Song Writing Logo

   When I felt the Lord’s call upon my life to write gospel songs in 2002, my expectations were few. I wanted, foremost, to be obedient to the Lord. I wanted to write songs encouraging Christians to live lives of obedience to the Lord and to encourage the unsaved to come to Christ. I wanted to write good, solid gospel songs my husband, Paul, and I could sing. I also hoped others would use the songs in their ministries. In the years I have been dedicated to the writing of gospel songs, I have experienced many unexpected benefits.
   The first benefit I began to notice was writing gospel songs gave me a renewed hunger for God’s Word.  I had started reading God’s Word daily after receiving a Gideon’s New Testament at school at age ten. Even though I wasn’t a Christian and my family didn’t attend church, I resolved to read each day. I did this for eleven years until I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I have continued to read the Bible daily ever since. I found gospel song writing deepened my passion for God’s Word. I quickly realized God would inspire me to write songs as I did my daily devotions.
   Gospel song writing gave me a sense of responsibility to those who would sing and hear my songs--to make sure they were Biblically accurate. I take this seriously because I know there are songs with flawed theology and I don’t want to be the source of error in anyone’s ideas about God.
   I found writing made me more dependent on God. It made me dependent on Him for accurate understanding of His Word and for a constant supply of song ideas. Christian acquaintances who sing and sometimes dabble at song writing who know I now have a catalog of about three hundred songs, often say they “don’t know where I come up with the ideas for all those songs.” I am sometimes tempted to say, “That is the difference between having a hobby and having a calling.” When God calls, God supplies. I have learned to trust Him for that.
   This dependence on God has deepened my relationship with and my faith in Him. When He laid it on my heart to write a Christmas cantata, my initial response was Mosiac—a list of excuses why I couldn’t and shouldn’t. When God reminded me this was my chance to demonstrate faith, I immediately conceded. The cantata was written and performed in Florida this past Christmas. All of this was possible because a deepened relationship with God allowed me to trust His call. Having experienced that, I won’t be hesitant when He shows me His next plan!
    Laboring over songs, trying to find the right word to touch the hearts of Christians and non-Christians, has given me a renewed and deeper concern for both groups. Gospel songs are more than a source of entertainment. They are a worship offering to the Lord and they are a powerful ministry tool. Trying to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading to make them effective, gives you a fresh look at your audience and a renewed compassion. You see them as souls in need of Christ or saved souls in need of encouragement.                                    

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