Darla McFadden
by James E. Crigger
The Poster Child for a Happy Christian!


     The statement I made above are my words and my personal opinion of Darla McFadden.
     I first met Darla and interviewed her at a small church in Bremen, Ohio in the 1980’s.  She has not changed at all.  Her talent is still magnificent, she does not appear to be even a little older.  If anything, she looks better than she did then.
     We talked extensively and I discovered that the devil has used many things to rob Darla of her beautiful spirit.


     Evidently, youth and beauty are in Darla’s DNA.  I met Darla’s mother in the 80’s and talked with her again at the NQC.  She too hasn’t changed.  I also got to meet Darla’s two daughters and found them to be as jovial and content as Darla. They truly examples of the scripture “The joy of the Lord is my strength” Neh 8:10.
     Darla will definitely bless you with her music as well.  You can google Darla for her facebook, twitter and my space addresses.
Below, you will find photos of Darla, her daughters and mother.
     You will also find a photo of Darla with yours truly.
     Continue to check www.powerlinemagazine. com for future stories about Darla and her ministry as well as we are hoping to have some articles written by Darla in future issues.

     Listen to Darla sing I Wanna Know How It Feels.