Mike LeFevre
The LeFevre QT
by James E. Crigger

     I met and talked with Mike LeFevre for the second time at the 2011 National Quartet Convention.

     I found Mike and The LeFevre Quartet to be on the top of my list of groups who include “ministry” in their “entertainment”.

     Mike comes from a heritage of gospel music and ministry with Eva Mae and Eva’s son Mylon LeFevre.  Mike is continuing that heritage with his son Justin.
If given the opportunity, attend a concert with The LeFevres
Following is an interview with Mike at the 2011 NQC.


JIM: Mike, maybe you can tell us a little about what’s happened before and what will happen after this year’s quartet convention.

MIKE: We’ve got a lot of new things going on right now.  We just started a new television show with The Southmen called “Singing Down South”.  That’s scheduled to start airing in a couple of months.  I’m not sure of exactly when, it’s on Family Friendly Networks.  I think we’re going to be a regular on that television show the way it looks.  We’re preparing for a new CD.  I’m gathering up material.  We want to get some good material for this next CD.  You know there’s so many great writers out there.  You just have to find the song that fits the group.  I remember back when I was with Gold City there were songs that the Kingsmen turned down that we recorded.  They turned down “John Saw” that was a number one song for Gold City as well as “I Think I’ll Read It Again” another number one song.  And then, Gold City turned down “Champion of Love” which was recorded by The Cathedrals.  So, different songs fit different groups.  That’s a challenge in itself, finding the song that will suit you.  That will come up after the convention when we start doing the recording, getting the tracks done and all for that. 


JIM: In your travels, do you ever do any long jumps like, your singing one night and the next night you have to be 500 miles away or something.

MIKE: All the time.  When we leave here, we’ll leave here in the morning and we’re in Southern Ohio tomorrow night but then Sunday morning, we’re in Georgia.  It’s nothin’ for us to travel, the other day we were in South Georgia and the next day in West Virginia.  It’s nothing for us to travel several hundred miles to get to the next date that we’re going to.  But that’s all I’ve ever known.  It’s like I say, it’s a way of life.


JIM: How often do you get breaks, or how long of a break?

MIKE: Well, we’ll travel about three or four days a week and we always try and be home on Monday.  That doesn’t always happen Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Just recently, back in May, we took a trip to the west coast and were gone eighteen days.  We went across the top of the United States into British Columbia and then back down through California, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama and ended up back home in Georgia.  We’re just covering the U.S. and Canada!   And Mexico.


JIM: On the ministerial side of it, are there any stories of things that have happened where God has led someone to talk to you perhaps before or after a concert and you’ve made a difference in their life.  Either a Christian or a non-Christian.

MIKE: I would like to think that every time we sing that we make a difference in somebody’s life.  You know, there’s been times that we’ve sang before and later on in the year that somebody will come up and say “do you remember the night you were in that town.  I was under conviction and something you said made me go to the altar”.



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