Kevin - Andy - Tim
An Interview and Their Testimonies


    At first glance as I walked around the booths at the NQC, Silver City was not exactly what I expected.
    My first impression was: “these guys look like they would be at a country music convention”.
    As I began to talk with them, and later listened to their music, I determined: “They look country, they sound country, but they live God”.
This interview and specially their testimonies is an inspiration to all that: “looks are deceiving”.  I learned a lesson in pre-judgment - DON’T DO IT!
    A talent with God’s annointing is far better than just a “good voice”.  These boys have both!


JIM: We’re with Silver City.  Why don’t you introduce yourself
KEVIN: I’m Kevin Woody and I sing lead vocals for the group.
ANDY: I’m Andy Stroup, I sing backup and play drums.
TIM: I’m Tim Hamby, I sing backup and play a little bit of tambourine and that’s about it.


JIM: Do you consider your style of music to be Southern Gospel or Country Gospel.
KEVIN: We consider ourself Christian Country is what we kind of call it.  I guess the easiest way we kind of all decided to describe our music is if Rascal Flatts went Christian that’s what we’d be, kind of a Christian version of Rascal Flatts. 


JIM: How long are you guys traveling and what do you do the rest of the time?
KEVIN: We all do have day jobs.  I’m actually a middle school chorus teacher.  Tim’s family owns a garage and Andy actually works with them.  We all have day jobs but usually we try to leave on Friday nights and go out for the weekend.  Usually two or three days a week.  We’d love to be able to go full time but as for right now it’s a weekend kind of thing.


JIM: Events, Youth Groups, Churches.  Whats your biggest places that you minister at?
TIM: We do a lot of youth events or churches.  What we’ve found, and we’re thankful for this and grateful, that there’s a young audience out there that’s listening to more of the country style of Gospel Music opposed to the Southern style.  Which is great for us.  We didn’t plan for our style to be this way.  It’s just who we are.  We’ve found that a lot of younger people just love it.  So, we’ve done lots of youth events and hope to continue and do a lot more in the future.  Those are the ones that get us really pumped up and fired up.


JIM: How did you come up with the name, and how did you all get together?
KEVIN: We’ve actually been together, like we are, for about three years now.  The group started a while back.  We’re all from a little community just about an hour north of Atlanta; Cumming, Georgia.  The community is called “Silver City”.  We’re kind of all from that area and just took the name. We thought it fit really well. 
We actually started off as a southern gospel quartet and as time progressed, we realized that with all our different backgrounds and stuff that we all have more country backgrounds.  So, we decided to take that Gospel message into a country world and try to bridge the gap between the two.  We started bridging into that country gospel kind of Christian country kind of stuff.  Like I said, we’ve been together about ten years now as a group like we are.


JIM: They say the quiet ones are the ones that are thewildest or whatever.  What about you there?
ANDY: I kind of try to keep it fun on the road and stuff.  That’s kind of my job.
TIM: I kind of just broke his toe a while ago. 


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