Mark Trammell QT
by James E. Crigger


     I first met Mark Trammell in 1983 when he was with The Cathedrals.  I have never forgotten that meeting.  I’ve never forgotten Glen Payne either.  They were not only gracious and kind but above all, you could tell that they cared and you could feel the annointing of God.  Glen has gone on to be with the Lord, but Mark is still working for God, and everything I felt then, I feel now.
     I had the privilige of seeing Mark again at the 2011 National. Quartet Convention.  Mark has not forgotten me either.  It might be my incredible charm, or my fabulous features NOT, but it is probably because Mark has a great memory.
     The Mark Trammell Quartet was performing all over the facilities of The National Quartet Convention and the performances were all great!  Mark also was very busy talking with people (like me), signing autographs and making everyone feel as if they had known Mark forever.  That’s the way he makes you feel.
    If you never got to attend The National Quartet convention, be sure and find out where The Mark Trammell Quartet will be, and go and see them.  It will be worth your time.  You will be blessed also!
     To contact The Mark Trammell Quartet or find their schedule, or book them at your church: go to  Be sure and get as many of their CD’s or DVD’s as you can afford.  You’ll be blessed for hours!

Mark Trammell and The Mark Trammell Quartet performing at the Daywind Showcase