by Amber Thompson

From an interview by The Power Line Magazine at the 2011 National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.


There’s a lot of young people that are going through that right now and comporomising is such a hard thing.  You know, the core of it all is juat about being loved and everybody wants to be loved and accepted.

(Amber auditioned for American Idol and was presented with a huge temptation that would have caused her to compromise)

     What I went through with Idol was the same thing.  They wanted me to change everything about me so that they would like me. 
       It’s almost like saying, yeah, you’re good but not good enough.  If you would do this, if you would change your looks, change your voice and change your style of music, you’d be good enough for our world.
You know, when I turned it down, it wasn’t easy because they were offering money, they were offering a contract, they were offering fame and fortune, you know, all the stuff and so, even for me, I’m a firm believer in the Word, and I’m in it daily and it’s still hard.  It’s very hard to turn something like that down.  It’s hard for me to even admit that it even crossed my mind that maybe it would be nice.

      But you know, the Lord just grabbed my heart and said “No, No, No, No, I brought you into this world to serve me, and I brought you to where you are now to continue to serve me.  You wouldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t served me”.
I understand completely, college kids, teenagers, they go through the whole compromising situations all the time.  They’re always involved in parties, especially college kids, they’re always partying.  You know, when it comes to that point in life when you do that, you really have to be in the Word and you have to fight against the world and your flesh.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be loved by the “in crowd” by these people who think they are going to make you better.  Because God’s love is more than they could ever give you.  Really, that’s all that matters, you just keep serving Him.  All else will be taken care of.
      I first heard of Amber Thompson when she was only nine years old.  I was sent a copy of a song she recorded titled “Show & Tell”

      I first met Amber Thompson at the 2011 NQC convention, she is in her twenty’s now.
      I found Amber to not only be very friendly and outgoing but in hearing her story which we have now shared with you, I find that she is a committed Christian.  Not just a “Gospel Singer”.
      Amber now sings with her family as “The Nelons”.  Listen to “Beside Still Waters”   From The Nelons to hear  the way Amber sounds now. 
       To find out more about The Nelons, their website is:
       I find it very exciting to see more young people singing and listening to Gospel Music like Amber, her sister Autumn and other young artists we have seen at the National Quartet Convention.  God is indeed drawing His people towards ministry and many are literally “going unto all the world to preach the Gospel”.  God bless them all!