Red Roots!
An interview by The Power Line Magazine at the 2011 National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.


At the far left are Red Roots with PLM Editor, Jim Crigger
At the near left are Red Roots with PLM Co-Editor Rick Crigger
Red Roots L to R are Nicole, Natalie and Nika Taylor


NOTE FROM JIM: Because Natalie, Nicole and Nika sound so much alike. I found it difficult to tell who was talking so I will just designate “Red Roots” for their responses.  SORRY!

JIM CRIGGER: We’re here at the Quartet convention with a group called Red Roots.  I want to let everybody know, we took a picture, the picture’s in the magazine.  I want to let everybody know, these girls are not different ages.  Well, maybe a minute or so, they’re triplets.  I never would have believed it.  You’re different heights aren’t you?
RED ROOTS: It’s High Heels
RED ROOTS: I’m wearin’ flats right now!  I’m short.
JIM CRIGGER: Well, we wanted to find out first of all, how long has the group been together?
RED ROOTS: We’ve been together for about, I guess nine years.  We started a band officially when we were eleven years old.  Natalie picked up the piano first, Nika picked up the guitar, then I picked up the drums, and then when we were about thirteen years old, which was about seven years ago we picked up the more blue-grassy instruments and what happened was, we’d go to places and they’d say “well, you’re too rocky” and we’d go to other places and they’d say “well, you’re too blue-grassy” you know, cause we had such a diversity there.  And then we, about a year ago, we’ve had a lot of help putting our style together by Runyon Records, Rick Schweinsberg and helping us just define the christian country style that we fee like we were meant to play.
JIM CRIGGER: You mentioned earlier, this is the third year you’ve attended the quartet convention.
RED ROOTS: It is the third year.  We actually released our first radio release last November.  So, this is our first year to be at quartet convention and have a radio release.  That’s really exciting for us.
JIM CRIGGER: You did a video at The Hard Rock Cafe.  How did that happen?
RED ROOTS: We were invited to play by John Alunan.  He just called us up and he was like, would you all like to play at The Hard Rock Cafe?  He knew that we were looking for opportunities to minister outside of churches and more secular events.  That way we can get our Christian lyrics out to the people that normally don’t go to a Christian environment.  So, we were like, yeah, let’s just play there and then we decided let’s find a way to make a video at this place that’s real rocky so we can encourage other people like kids and stuff that don’t normally listen to Christian music to be envolved with that video.
JIM CRIGGER: I’m sure you do churches and such, do you do specific youth groups
RED ROOTS: We do a lot of big variety of stuff, we do Senior Citizen events, we do Youth Group events, festivals, fairs.  We’d like to get into more youth events because we love ministering to the youth also.
JIM CRIGGER:  How much of the country have you been around to so far?
RED ROOTS: We’ve been to South Dakota.  That’s probably the farthest we’ve been.
Minnesota and Michigan.  So we’ve been probably through the northern mid-west.
JIM CRIGGER: At your age, is it hard being out on the road
RED ROOTS: I think it’s sometimes got its moments.  Sometimes it’s really fun.  Everything has its ups and downs.
JIM CRIGGER: What’s the longest span of time that you’ve been on the road?
RED ROOTS: Probably about two weeks.  We try to come back home.
JIM CRIGGER: You’re doing a great job.  I already told you, I tried to guess your ages.  There’s not one of you that looks your age, 20.  I thought you were different ages, you look so different.  It is so great to find people of your age, or any young people who are serving God and have a ministry like yours.  It can be difficult to take such a stand.


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