A Father & Daughter Group


JIM: We’re here with The Shireys.  Introduce yourself and tell us about The Shireys! (Rachel & Darlene were not available at the time of the interview.)
VICTORIA: My name is Victoria Shirey.  I’m the oldest daughter of the group.  We do travel full-time as a family, My Mom (Darlene), Dad (Wayne)), Me (Victoria) and my Older Sister (Rachel) who sing together.  We write most of our own music.  I write 90% of what we do.  Mom and Rachel also contribute to that as well and Dad’s even written one.
WAYNE: My name is Wayne and our home base is Columbia, South Carolina.
JIM: How extensively do you guys travel?
WAYNE: We’re doing around 200 dates a year now.  We’re staying quite busy.
JIM: Is it mostly events or churches?
VICTORIA: We do some of both.  Whoever calls, that’s where we go.
WAYNE: Wherever the door is open, but we love to minister in churches.
JIM: There are so many things the devil is using today; anger, depression.  He’s even using, in some cases Christians and the church to try and keep people away from God. 
The devil uses anger to the extreme.  We had a friend, about 30 years old, who thought his wife was having an affair.  One thing led to another.  Anger caused him to argue, and then pull a gun and shoot his wife.  When the police caught up to him, he killed himself.  We knew him when he was about fifteen years old.  A nice guy from a nice family.  Between depression, anger and fear the devil can lead us to wrong decisions and we do things we normally would not even think of.  The Power Line Magazine is meant to not only entertain and inform.  But we also ask for advice and testimonies from those who our readers know and love in an effort to help those who feel they are at the end and have no other choicesWould you have any comments on how we can cope when things like that come against us?

VICTORIA: You’ve come to the right place.  I went through a three month depression last year.  It was one of the darkest places you could ever be is in a depression.  I learned the hard way that you have got to place your trust in God completely and the only way you can come out of something and get the victory over it is to completely, 100% give it to the Lord and tell Him you know, here it is Lord, you take care of it.  I know it is easier said than done cause I’ve been there.  For three months I would cry myself to sleep goin’ God, please just give my joy back.  But finally, after three months I prayed and I said Lord, I’m done, I’ve done everything I can do, it’s in your hands.  And when He took it, He took it completely and completely delivered me from it.  It was awesome! 
JIM: The thing for me has been what I call that still small voice.  We get caught up in that emotional thing, The HIGH.  Did you find when you were in that LOW, did you find that still small voice on knowing that God is there whether you feel him or not.  Did that help you?
VICTORIA: Well, a lot of times when you’re in a place like that you feel like nobody is there and a lot of times, it’s hard to feel God you have that faith and re-assurance that HE IS THERE!  Despite whatever you’re going through and you know in you’re heart that Hi is there!  Despite whether you feel Him or think He is or not, the Bible promises that He will never leave us or forsake us.
JIM: Wayne, how long have you been singing with the kids
WAYNE:My wife and I have been married 31 years I think, and we’ve been singing all of our married life, that’s how we met, singing.  We sang with her brother and other people for a number of years until the girls god old enough to commit and decide that this ministry is what they want to do.  So we’ve been singing now, as a complete family for four or five years now.
JIM: How could someone get ahold of you and see your schedule, website, or e-mail
VICTORIA: Everything is available on our website at
JIM: Do you have sound bytes on there so they can hear your sound and such?
VICTORIA: Yey, we have sound bytes and video clips as well as video blogs that we do that show our more fun side.  They’re quite hilarious.  We’ve got some videos that show us singin’ on the serious side during service and video blogs that show what goes on afterwards.
JIM: We’ve enjoyed talking with you and many blessings for you and your ministry.  We pray that God uplifts all of us ‘cause we need it. 

Here’s one of their songs: Peace Be Still!